A Glance at how Loretta Kryshak’s Rebel Reform Contributions Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

Rebel Reform (Executive Director- Loretta Kryshak)  and the Kryshak family recently received Gwen T. Jackson Award for their relief efforts during the coronavirus pandemic from The United Way. Loretta Kryshak accepted this award on behalf of the company and family. She also provided this statement, “We believe volunteering is our responsibility. You are who you surround yourself with; The Kryshak family could not think of a better group to surround ourselves with than The United Way and our MaskUpMKE partners.”

Loretta references the engineering achievements of her son, Thaddeus Kryshak, and his efforts to find an innovative solution to create masks for the community. In response to the design that Thaddeus invented, Rebel Reform began manufacturing the materials for production immediately. To help gain volunteers in mask production and distribution, Violet, Loretta Kryshaks’s daughter, managed Rebel MaskUpMKE.org and its social media campaign. The Kryshaks’ combined efforts soon attracted many collaborating organizations. As it currently stands, the Kryshak family has helped provide over four million masks at no charge to those in need. At the heart of it all, Loretta Kryshak is responsible for directing Rebel Reform to adequately provide services to aid organizations.

With Rebel beating their goal of making face masks by one and a half million, The United Way honored their leadership in community service. This outstanding achievement has pushed the Kryshak family to encourage others to find more innovative ways to help their communities flourish. This family has motivated so many by showing others what you can accomplish when you come together.

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