Amazon’s Investment in ZeroAvia was to Comprehend the Objective of Zero-net Carbon Emissions

In 2020, Amazon’s spokesperson announced that the company invested million dollars in ZeroAvia from its own Climate Pledge Fund. ZeroAvia, a U.S and U.K based company, works on alternative sources of fuel to facilitate the achievement of zero-emission flights.

The company launched 2 billion dollars of Amazon’s Climate Pledge in 2020. The investment offers support to sustainable and decarbonizing techniques and services development. Therefore, Amazon decided to partner with ZeroAvia because ZeroAvia had demonstrated its efforts concerning zero-emission since it began its operations. Thus, ZeroAvia was among the latest startups Amazon offered investment funds in 2020.

Moreover, ZeroAvia’s chief goal is to establish aviation solutions by employing sources from hydrogen-electric power. ZeroAvia’s end goal is to fly an airplane powered by hydrogen-electric fuel only for not less than 500 miles. Additionally, the aircraft will consist of 10 to 20 seats. After ZeroAvia’s successful development of such a commercial airplane, organizations will use it when transporting passengers, packaging deliveries, and agricultural purposes.

Kara Hurst, the Vice president at Amazon’s worldwide sustainability programs, commented that a partnership with ZeroAvia would assist Amazon in reaching its zero-net carbon emission goals by 2040. According to Kara Hurst, ZeroAvia’s hydrogen-electric powertrain, currently being developed, contains a high possibility of decarbonizing the aviation industry. She further explained that Amazon’s partnership with ZeroAvia is likely to quicken the innovation pace.

The Aviation industry is unable to create new solutions to the environment without adequate contributions from other companies. Hurst centers his belief on the idea that Amazon is dedicated to committing its finances to create air transportation alternatives that are more sustainable

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