Andrea Natale, An Expert Cardiologist Has Enhanced Atrial Fibrillation Treatment

Dr. Natale AndreaIn the past centuries, healers have called to aid others. Though the human body knowledge, methods, and tools change significantly, the mission of helping others using physical and mental skills has not. Andrea Natale focuses on using modern techniques and tools to enhance patient’s lives, and when the tools are not available, he creates them.

Dr. Andrea Natale has practiced medicine for 35 years in Italy and the United States. He specializes in cardiovascular diseases treatment with skills beyond internal medicine and basic care. He is a renowned expert in cardiac electrophysiology, a study that assesses the heart’s electrical system and activities to test the heart rhythms’ irregularity and correct them.

Natale is an instructor, researcher, and faculty member at various schools where he has lectured for more than 25 years worldwide. He is a pioneer in utilizing modern technology to attain his patients’ positive results, including catheter atrial fibrillation cures. As the first Us electrophysiologist, he has performed ablations that have helped patients who did not heal from former ablation ways.

As Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute executive medical director, Natale and fellow physicians continuously work to advance medicine and technology to benefit more patients. He wants to see assistive technologies like robotic devices and specialized catheters help patients instead of former surgical ways.

Natale’s research on atrial fibrillation has led to better ways that stabilize and improve atrial fibrillation patients’ lives. Later, using circumferential ultrasounds, he developed a vein-ablation system that addresses atrial fibrillation. He has designed a device for the disease, which has earned him a patent. He has also developed an ablation method called radio-frequency that benefits patients that failed conventional ablation.

Catheter ablation options are useful. Many patients need ablation, and most of them are not suitable for traditional ways. Both paroxysmal and non-paroxysmal patients can still benefit. Chronic patients may also benefit depending on their conditions. Natale calls it a hybrid approach, a combination of surgery and ablation.

Andrea Natale’s Background Information

Andrea Natale studied medicine in Italy at Florence Medical and Surgery University. He later worked in Cleveland Clinic, where he became the Head of Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology Department. He also has academic positions at Western Reserve and Stanford University.

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