Beachbody, a Pathway to Self-care

ShakeologyA lot of people look in the mirror and aren’t happy with what they see. Carl Daikeler is on a mission to change that. In 1998, he and Darin Olien founded Beachbody. However, Daikeler’s career started in a different area of expertise. First, he was a producer for the NFL’s halftime entertainment shows. After doing that engaging work for five years, he became an infomercial producer. The marketing world demonstrated to him that people wanted to get fit, but they needed some help to get started on the path to fitness.

Beachbody started as a small collection of DVDs with 30-minute workouts. Demand was high, and it wasn’t long before Daikeler had produced hundreds of separate workout videos. In 2009, Carl Daikeler and his team added Shakeology to the mix. Shakeology is a nutritional program centered around a protein powder. Users can choose the vegan option or the whey option. The mix also contains a significant amount of fiber. This healthy combination of protein and fiber promotes a feeling of fullness and reduces the risk of overeating. Fiber-rich diets are also good for digestive health.

Shakeology’s vitamins fill the nutritional gaps in Americans’ diets. The shake powders are available in a range of much-loved flavors, including chocolate, cafe latte, salted caramel, vanilla and strawberry. People can try the different flavors by getting a sample pack, or they can get a large package of one flavor.

In 2015, Carl Daikeler added Beachbody on Demand to his plan. People could now stream workouts from their mobile device, television or laptop. This gave people access to a wider range of workouts. Consumers flocked to the service in 2020 because of the closures that resulted from the global health crisis. As more people realized how convenient it was to exercise at home, they stuck with the plan.


Daikeler added OpenFit to the lineup in 2018. The app, which is available on iOS and Android, allows people to socially connect and exercise together virtually. People can stream workouts and track their eating and exercise time. Together, Shakeology, Beachbody and OpenFit promote a forward fitness journey.

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