Betsy DeVos: A Brief Look at School Systems and Her Contributions

Charter and religious schools are institutions that Betsy DeVos is very familiar with. As the secretary of education, she needed to have a deep understanding of all schooling platforms.


She and her husband have personally been involved in charter schools. Dick DeVos started one from the ground up in Michigan. The programs offered are the traditional subjects mixed with flight. Dick is a pilot, and he sees the benefits of teaching young people the math and science behind this art. With this passion, the couple developed a vocational-style school.


In addition to this type of structure, Betsy DeVos has spent time inside various religious classrooms. Potter’s House left an impression on her, and she has been a lifelong supporter of this entity. At Potter’s House, she first connected with families that struggled to keep their kids in schools that charged tuition.


When she became aware of this problem, her first instinct was to donate to scholarship programs. It was not long before she realized this was not fixing the problem, so she started to develop a plan to create vouchers funded by tax dollars.


Many states have adopted this tax-credit system, such as Florida. While working in the District of Columbia, Betsy DeVos toured many schools. One in Florida made headlines because of its peculiar setup. The founder was a foul-mouthed rap singer. He chose to share his abundance with kids who were interested in the arts. To do that, he partnered with others to create a charter school based on a subject he was passionate about.


In addition to donating to scholarship programs, Betsy DeVos disclosed that her foundation has also contributed to many community projects around Michigan. The foundation was ranked as one of the most charitable by a publication that keeps track of such details. All of the money did not stay in Michigan. The funds have been shared with New Mexico and neighboring states.


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