Bhanu Choudhrie, Founder of C&C Alpha Group, Offers Vital Entrepreneurial Advice

Bhanu Choudhrie co-founded C&C Alpha Group. Bhanu also holds the chairman and executive role in this firm. As its chief executive officer, he is tasked with the role of ensuring all operations within the firm are streamlined. The primary reason for founding Alpha company is to deal with market research and find a solution to some of the market challenges.

The primary areas of focus are real estate, healthcare, and hospitality. But as time goes by, the company is expected to expand and major in other areas. The economy has come to a standstill because of the Coronavirus. However, C&C Alpha Group, under the leadership of Bhanu Choudhrie, managed to navigate through the tough times remaining successful.

The hospitality sector is one of the areas that Bhanu has helped remain on its feet regardless of the Coronavirus effects. We shall also remember his role in improving the operations in the aviation sector and ascertaining that every process is streamlined. The success of Bhanu was attributed to the early plans and early precautions he took to help fight the pandemic.

One of Bhanu’s main themes is on learning to invest. As an entrepreneur, investor, and venture capitalist, he advocates the importance of working as a team. Several serial entrepreneurs have reached the point they are because of embracing collaboration and good rapport with others.

The role of Bhanu Choudhrie in the establishment of Cygnet Health Care is worth noting. He is a major shareholder in this firm that has supported the growth of several startup firms—Bhanu’s role towards supporting the development of several startup companies through offering them entrepreneurial support.

Bhanu Choudhrie advises the younger entrepreneurs that they need to seek professional advice from those established in entrepreneurship. This will help them grow to greater heights. Some of the professionals Bhanu asks to interact with frequently are project managers, analysts, developers, and consultants.

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