Contribution of Heath Ritenour to the Success of the Insurance Industry

Most businesses have been affected by COVID 19, which subsequently led to an economic shutdown in most parts of the world. The insurance company experienced some both instant and long-term. Concerns arose in the insurance market as most policyholders thought they wouldn’t afford their insurance premiums. These concerns resulted in innovation, revolution, and forward movement of the industry. Heath Ritenour, CEO of the Insurance Office of America, has been focusing on positive changes in the industry in the past months of COVID 19.

Heath has experience in the insurance market. His parents were the co-founders of the Insurance Office of America, where he became an agent after completing his collegiate summer internship. He later became the company’s CEO in 2008 and chairman in 2018 after his father retired. The industry has grown to be primarily recognized in the United States since Ritenour took over from his father. Heath Ritenour also plays a significant role in the Florida Community, where at the IOA Foundation, he’s the president. This foundation focuses on fundraising, sporting events, and charity. Ritenour also shows support to community members undergoing cancer treatment as he is also a cancer survivor.

The businessman feels like enhancing the insurance sector by implementing innovations that will drive faster growth, creating success in customer service and quality of services. The ongoing pandemic has brought a lot of negativity to the industry. It has made many insurance companies change their course of operations and work on what is possible. Some of the few changes that Heath Ritenour thinks may bring better change and increase success in the Insurance Company are; home-based working options, the streamlined application process, and new insurance technology.

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