Fortress Investment: The Years in Review

Established in 1998, Fortress Investment Group is a private equity firm that has redefined its industry. They serve some 1750 clients around the world with an asset portfolio more significant than $41 billion. In 2019, they continued to grow in the investment sector and permanently cemented themselves as an industry leader. Here are a few accomplishments the New York Investment company has made.

TSX Broadway

The TSX Broadway is a $2.5 billion project that will sit in New York’s Times Square. The site will be home to a luxurious hotel with a permanent outdoor performance stage overlooking Times Square. Stretching around the entire building is an 18,000 square foot high LED sign for advertisements and more. Fortress Investment Group’s strategic partnership with L&L Holding company and Masefield Development made the project possible.

Growth in Japan

Fortress Investment Group must attribute their successful investments outside New York as well. In 2017, the company acquired more than 100,000 affordable housing units from the Japanese government. As dilapidation and unexpected costs began to burden the sovereign state, the investment group saw an opportunity. The renovation and refurbishment of the properties resulted in a highly successful campaign. Occupancy rates have increased as much as 60%, with more than a third being non-Japanese residents.

Whether it is transportation deals in California or Las Vegas, Fortress Investment Group has proven itself a giant within the investment industry. The companies Investment campaign, which started in 2019, was a triumphant reminder to remain vigilant. Many unexpected challenges awaited them in 2020, but with aplomb, they were able to keep growing to know more click here

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