Gary Mcgaghey's Professional CFOs Insights as A Professional CFO At William Lea Tag

Chief Financial Officers, mostly abbreviated as CFOs. Our team leaders in most organizations are responsible for the organization’s financial, acquisition, and mergers projects. With the changes in the tax policy landscape, CFOs are preparing themselves to navigate through the rough last quarter of 2021. According to Gary McGaghey, one of the leading and the most successful CFO, there are six topics that all CFOs should consider in navigating their professional career journey in 2021. PwC Pulse surveys offered a list that all CFOs should use as their starting point in 2021.

The list includes taxes, risks and regulations, future of work, digital transformation, purpose, ESG, return growth, diversity, and inclusions. As a CFO expert, Gary McGaghey states that the US presidential election caused an increase in tax policy, leading to a rise in corporate tax by 26.5%. Gary has also urged leading CFOs to allocate enough resources due to these new tax developments. In addition, Gary McGaghey has also encouraged the idea of CFOs partnering with tax leaders and other business leaders to understand the impact and changes in tax proposals expected in the new presidential US administration.

Gary McGaghey is a professional and experienced CFO known for his excellent performance and skills throughout his CFO career. Gary has been serving as CFO for several companies for more than two decades. He began his CFO career in 1993 when he joined Robertson’s company. While at Robersons, Gary undertook several other executive roles, including Vice President of Logistics, Audit Committee Member, Chief Operating Officer, and several others. However, after the Unilever company acquired Robertsons, Gary decided to remain in the Unilever Bestfoods Robertsons.

Gary’s educational background consists of bachelor’s and postgraduate degrees in commerce at the University of Natal and University of South Africa, respectively. Gary McGaghey is also a certified accountant and currently works as CFO at Williams Lea Tag. Read:

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