Get A Glimpse Of Mark Hauser, The Celebrated Voice Actor

Mark Hauser is an award-winning voice actor and American-Canadian artist. The star was born in Michigan and he spent his childhood in the Great Lakes region. Mark Hauser currently lives in the Montreal in Canada with his family. He started his acting career in 1996 and since then, he has frequently appeared on-screen and his neutral accent, and uncanny aptitude to adopt diverse American dialects have brought forth many opportunities for him. The celebrated actor is the owner of K.L. Benzakein Talent based in Montreal, and he gets consistent flow of demands for his services.

Hauser Private Equity has consistently excelled in the comedic industry, and has won several awards including the Actra Award Nomination. Mark also has a keen attention to detail, and has gained international fame and recognition for his dramatic roles, thanks to the characters that have made him create lively roles that add new scopes to each story line. He has utilized his acting talents in various animated television series, live-action and animated films. Hauser private equity has also accumulated a range of video game voice-overs, narration demo projects, and different portfolio of commercial voice overs. His career has made him interact with many famous actors including Michael Madsen, Nathalie Zea, and Jennifer Love Hewitt among many other on-screen celebrities.

Hauser Private Equity has also appeared in the animated arena where he played a distinguished role in the SAHARA, an original animated movie that was recently released by Netflix. He prides in problem solving, and often finds himself fixing faulty circuit boards. He also loves giving vintage ball machines distinct repairs that restores them to their previous flashy magnificence. Mark Hauser has always wanted to be part of the integral journeys that actors take their audience to different worlds. His acting commitments drive his daily routine. Mark reveals that when he’s actively involved in a project, he’s either physically on set or the recording studio, and when he’s between projects, he takes time to extensively research on the upcoming roles.

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