Hack production

If you were ever wondering how to ‘hack production’ and basically be more effective in your job, or running a company, then listen to some of the bits of advice that David Black (a modern business exec) has given, the first being to start off all your mornings on the right foot. This basically involves getting a good morning / rising routine each day, and you can decide what that looks like for you. It can typically involve reading all the urgent emails from last night, following up missed with calls from yesterday evening, etc.

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Another great productivity hack involves delegation by teamwork. You should never underestimate what you can accomplish in greater numbers. To eat an entire elephant in the room, in other words, give everyone a fork and a plate, and let them all have at it!

Time management is yet another great tip Black shares, implying you need to reflect on your goals and be more active (not just reactive to whatever happens around you or to you). You need to be the first to take the initiative if you want to see something get done (especially if you’re on a production timeline). Another tip is to find a good mentor, ideally someone who’s been where you’re standing. 76% of Forbes poll participants agreed mentors are vital.

Also, last but not least, make sure you’re in the right (mental and physical) space. Have the perfect work environment for enlivening any ideas. Work somewhere that inspires you to greatness.

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