IM Academy, Your Digital Forex Trading Platform

Do you want financial freedom? Well, IM Academy has your back when it comes to foreign exchange trading. Many people, especially investors, are learning about forex trading to become wealthier and freer from financial problems.

IM Academy teaches willing and interested learners how to make money on their online platform. Their services include providing digital educational products and services that teach their students essential forex trading skills online. The academy is supported by a comprehensive library of app-based data and pre-recorded information to enable its learners to understand fully on foreign exchange trading.

Through their online models, commonly known as academies, IM Academy has four distinct school programs available on their website that their learners can easily access by an IBO or referrals. The modules also have informational videos that students can use to learn from and use the concepts in the video in real-life forex trading. Those learners who have subscribed can enjoy unlimited access to the informational videos from the IM Academy teachers. After the lessons, learners are provided with exams at the end of the sessions to ensure they understand the modules taught before the next chapter is introduced.

Types of IM Academy learning academies

The modules consist of four academies: the HFX Academy, FRX Academy, ECX Academy, and the DCX Academy.

  • DCX Academy

The DCX mostly introduces learners to the basics of trading in the DCX and the digital currency exchange classes.

  • FRX Academy

In this module, new students are mostly introduced to the basics of the forex trading lessons through videos or live sessions.

  • HFX Academy

At HFX Academy, this module teaches learners about high-frequency exchange. The course covers deeper lessons like methods and types of analysis such as margins, strategies leverage, order types, and spreads, among others.

  • ECX Academy

This is all about the e-commerce business. Students are molded up and taught how to manage and run an online business.

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