James Dondero is the top shareholder in Highlands Capital Management where he works as its CEO. James had more than 30 years’ experience in equity market at the time he founded Highland. This helped yield profit in his investment.

Since the establishment, Highland Capital have been on the frontline in improving the CLO market. Before coming up with the idea of establishing Highland Capital, James Dondero was involved in creating GIC subsidiary in 1989. In 1985 he was a bond analyst and then moved to American express as a portfolio manager. Under his leadership the firm has grown focusing its efforts on its previous plans on high-yield credit plan. They also expanded their area of expertise including real estates

James Dondero graduated with the highest honors from the University of Virginia from the McIntyre School of commerce. Jim Dondero did Accounting and Finance. He is certified in public accounting, management accounting and financial analyst.

James Dondero is the chairman of NexBank Capital; he serves as a board member at MGM studios and is also the chairman of CCS Medical. He is specialized in developing credit solutions for institutions. His award-winning products are hedge funds, equity funds and ETFs.

James is a devoted philanthropist with active contributions in education, building the community and veteran affairs. He has been very instrumental fighting for several cultural and civic in his home ground Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Board of south Methodist University Cox School is one the boards he participates in.

The James Dondero investment firms with headquarters in Dallas have managed to proper and remained top-notch because of their commitment at work and good leadership skills. Jim has used his experience help them out their toughest crisis so far. The firms have had rough times in the financial but they have succeeded at the end. See this page for more information.


Follow him on his Twitter page on https://twitter.com/jamesdondero?lang=en


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