John Ritenour Accentuates the Importance of Remote Work to Both Employers and Employees

The coronavirus pandemic has strongly hit the entire globe. The business industry is said to be strongly affected by the spread of the virus. However, businesses and companies wanted to maintain their position in the industry regardless of the condition. This has forced the firms to transform their operations to remote work.

Transforming operations from onsite to remote requires quite an extended period, although businesses and companies were forced to change within the shortest possible. John Ritenour is the founder and the managing director of the Insurance Office of America, who also experienced the same challenges when the pandemic made its way worldwide.

Even though changing from onsite operations to remote work is considered complex and expensive, numerous benefits come with it. This is said to be one way of eliminating unnecessary costs and expenditures. According to John Ritenour, remote work cuts costs ranging from office space to insurances in a given working environment.

Ritenour has also revealed that remote operations increase productivity when compared to onsite operations. Employees also get a lot of time to log into their work than in onsite working. Since remote work calls for everyone to work from home, it plays a significant role in controlling the spread of the virus.

John Ritenour says that remote working allows potential employers to get some of the best employees worldwide. When it comes to telecommuting, you can work anywhere regardless of where the head offices are located. Also, employees are more advantaged since they can work on different projects for different employers without being disrupted.

According to John Ritenour, even though remote work increases the time that an employee should be at work, it also increases the time that they spent at home compared to other days. Many businesses that have adopted this mode of operation have benefited highly.

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