Katelyn Berry: Another Investigation Continues

The search for Katelyn Berry continues as investigations into her disappearance heat up. The Sidney, Mont., woman has been missing since last month, and police are asking for the public’s help in locating her. Anyone with information about Katelyn Berry’s whereabouts is urged to contact their local law enforcement agency. Read information HERE

The sheriff’s office says they remain committed as ever doing everything possible when looking into any type Such case without forgetting about details like age or gender, which can provide valuable information during investigate

Berry has been walking to the TownPump gas station south of Sidney for years now, and she always leaves her phone behind. She’s a white female with naturally brown hair that falls just below her shoulders; five foot four inches tall (1), hundred pounds lean build–the kind who likes outdoor activities like hiking or camping and being active in their personal life having healthy eating habits .
Berry loves going on long walks but knows better than anything else not to make it too far from home because there may come times when you need help instead!