LifeWave CEO and his Pursuit for Scientific Excellence

LifeWave is an American Wellness company that belongs to innovative entrepreneur David Schmidt; he has been actively participating in various groundbreaking scientific projects for the greater good of human technology for over thirty years.

David Schmidt studied Management Information Systems and Biology, which has proven to be a valuable asset in his professional career; through his expertise, David has successfully implemented his contributions towards developing improved commercial technologies in different industries.

As a testament to David’s genius, many different organizations constantly demand expertise when developing game-changing technology.

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On several occasions, David Schmidt has been invited to private facilities to assist engineers and scientists on research and design projects.

When David was working with the Navy, he stumbled upon a new technology that would become his company’s main product today and cause ripples in the medical community.

Around 2004, David added his discovery into the list of many patents he owns and proceeds to make the discovery accessible to the public.

LifeWave technology is something David discovered while researching the possible applications of phototherapy on the human body.

In particular, he revealed a technology method to naturally enhance stamina and energy in the human body through a wireless medium.

For 15 years now, David Schmidt has been using his company to spread the LifeWave technology to the public.

His works have earned him an honorary doctorate from the International Hall of fame of Inventors in recognition of the tens of patents officially issued for his inventions.

LifeWave has also announced another product utilizing phototherapy that has been hailed to rival stem-cell injections.

The company says they have been developing the new product in the form of a patch for at least ten years.

LifeWave is calling their discovery X39 and is launching it after a series of clinical trials in the U.S. as a wellness product that reverses mitochondrial dysfunction in human cells.

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