Matthew Fleeger: Flexing His Authoritative Purpose in the Gas and Oil and Industry

Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger is a businessman who has acquired a reputation for having mastered the concept of entrepreneurialism. In 1993, he ventured into entrepreneurial domain when he became inspired to establish his own company and founded MedSolutions. MedSolutions’ operations were based in the management, treatment, and disposal of medical wastes from various medical facilities. Being that the company’s directives were coming from an intelligible businessman like Fleeger, MedSolutions thrived as a company and Fleeger ended up selling it to Stericycle in 2007 for $59 million. Moreover, in addition to this profound business achievement, Matthew Fleeger too endeavored within the tanning industry whereby he founded two very prominent tanning enterprises (Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan) that have since reached a combined revenue of $100 million.

After having proved his superb negotiation skills with the Stericycle deal, Fleeger was viewed as being the perfect candidate to take over as the new CEO and President of the family-owned business Gulf Coast Western. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Gulf Coast Western is a company founded by Fleeger’s father in 1970 that manages gas and oil partnerships in the gulf coast region. In addition to specializing in the exploration and development of gas and oil reserves in the gulf coast area, Gulf Coast Western has managed to sustain growth for decades by pinpointing enterprises that present substantial return potential. Nevertheless, since the company has fallen under the reign of a new CEO, it too has proven itself to be a most valuable asset to the gas and oil industry.

Matthew Fleeger

Today, Matthew Fleeger of Gulf Coast Western is held in high regard for generating a considerable amount of new partnerships for the company. As mentioned by Matthew Fleeger of Gulf Coast Western, the success of the company relies heavily upon its ability to maintain transparency. By upholding business integrity via the input of trust and respect in formed partnerships, Fleeger has not only attributed to the longevity of these partnerships, but he has also helped the company to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Matthew Fleeger is now aspiring to push Gulf Coast Western to higher limits by expanding into other North American regions.

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