Maven and Sports Illustrated Step into New Territory with Ross Levinsohn

Ross LevinsohnToday, Ross Levinsohn holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at both Maven and Sports Illustrated. He assumed the role at Maven in August 2020. Because Maven controls Sports Illustrated, Levinsohn took control of the head leadership position there at the same time. Both companies are innovative leaders in their space, and Levinsohn has relied on his vast professional experience to identify ways to take them to new levels since his tenure with them began.

While Maven may not be the household name that Sports Illustrated is, it is a powerhouse in the industry. In fact, it provides infrastructure, monetization and publishing services to more than 300 brands. A few of these are Maxim, and The Street with Jim Cramer. Sports Illustrated has proven that it has a successful business model throughout its 70-year history, but this did not hold Ross Levinsohn back from looking for a way to improve on excellence. Despite only taking the head spot at the company a year ago, Levinsohn has already identified and moved forward with a plan to create elite content for subscribers and to offer early-access content to those same subscribers. By placing this content behind a paywall, Levinsohn has been able to move Sports Illustrated away from a business model that relied heavily on advertising revenue. At the same time, Levinsohn has successfully improved the customer experience dramatically.

This is only one of the numerous examples of Ross Levinsohn’s extensive influence over the years. His career started in 1985 after he graduated with a Communications degree from American University. By 1990, Levinsohn had proven his value in the industry and was handed the role of HBO’s Director of Production and Marketing. He has also held key positions like Fox Interactive Media’s President, CBS Sportsline’s Vice President of Programming and Guggenheim Digital Media’s CEO. In addition, he has worked as Yahoo!’s Interim CEO, Tribune Interactive’s CEO and Google Interactive Media’s General Manager.

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