Maven CEO Ross Levinsohn Attributes Professional Success to Key Traits

Ross LevinsohnAs is the case with many of the most successful business professionals today, the foundation of Ross Levinsohn’s career is rooted in his college education, but he walked a long road to reach his new position as the CEO at Maven. Only a few years after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from American University, Levinsohn landed a top position as HBO’s Director of Programming and Marketing. This led him to a series of executive-level positions at CBS Sportsline, Alta Vista and Fox Interactive Media. In these positions and in the many other high-level roles that he has filled over his 35-year career, Levinsohn drew from a variety of personal skills and habits to push his career to new heights.

Hard work is understandably a part of Levinsohn’s success. While he is a devoted father, he regularly puts in 12-hour days that start before dawn. Ross Levinsohn also appreciates getting feedback and other valuable insights from those around him, and he has worked hard to refine his exceptional listening skills. In addition, Levinsohn is a self-described dreamer who finds a way to bring his visions to life.

Before being hired as the new Chief Executive Officer at Maven, Ross Levinsohn held many other positions. One of these positions was the President at Guggenheim Digital Media, and he oversaw publications like the Hollywood Reporter, Billboard Magazine and AdWeek in this position. ZEFR, The Boston Consulting Group, Whisper Advisors, Sports Illustrated and several other companies have also benefited from Levinsohn’s expertise and forward-thinking mindset.

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