One of Isidoro Quiroga Successful Business Movement

Isidoro Quiroga is a founder and majority shareholder of the Asesorias e Inversiones Benjamin SA where he operates today. Isidoro is a Chilean businessman who graduated from the University of Chile as a Commercial Engineer. Isidoro started his business career as a producer and exporter of oregano and later went to the United States, making the first successful business movement. Quiroga’s investments are diversified, and he is not afraid to try different sectors. The founder of Asesorias e Inversiones‘ current successful business movement was selling Enphase EnergyA. Enphase is located in California, and Isidoro made an impressive profit from the sale of the company.

Enphase Energy is a design and manufacturer of home energy solutions company with a range of options to serve different customers. Isidoro purchased the company in 2018 at $20 million, getting over 9.5 million bonds. Later, Isidoro bought an additional 4 million bonds at $16 per bond, bringing his investment in Enphase Energy to $84 Million. In the new transaction, Isidoro Quiroga sold over 13 million bonds at $60.5 per bond, making a total of $819 million which adds up to a profit of 735 million. Isidoro’s business expertise and growth impact have been proven by the vast amount he got from the sale of Enphase Energy.

Before this successful movement, Isidoro Quiroga sold Australis Seafood to Joyvio, a Chinese salmon company, in 2017. Despite the salmon industry’s challenges at that time, Isidoro made the transaction successful, which earned him global attention. Quiroga’s success in investment has been a result of his confidence when making international investments. Isidoro invested the considerable profit made from the sale of Enphase Energy in the Chile Stock market, becoming a stockholder of different companies across various industries. Quiroga’s diversified investments in the Chile region and internationally keeps growing and earning him business success across other sectors.

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