Philanthropic Acts of John Ritenour

John Ritenour

John Ritenour is the co-founder of Insurance Office America (IOA). IOA is a full-time insurance agency with branches all over the US.Ritenour has always been focused on the charitable unit IOA Foundation since the inception of IOA.Ritenour’s son Heath is the CEO of IOA, thus granting his father enough time to focus on philanthropic activities.

John Ritenour was born in an underprivileged background near Pittsburgh, and he saw how philanthropic activities impacted his life. His early experience with struggles inspires him to understand the proper steps to influence the people he labors to get out of poverty. Ritenour focuses on positivity breeding and mobility. Rather than offering people just enough to survive, he propels them out of their current situations. IOA as a whole reflects the philanthropic acts of John Ritenour. The organization’s plan of action was made explicitly to assist experts with understanding what they’re able to do and prevail without conventional limits.

IOA runs various initiatives, the most remarkable being the IOA 5K Corporate. The enterprise conducts races that bring people together. The races help people unite in their communities. Apart from the awards to different individuals who participated in the race, they even help in raising numerous causes in Central Florida. In addition, local businesses get involved in the initiative’s events to promote fitness and create awareness for local charitable organizations.

IOA Foundation believes in the power of generosity. John Ritenour believes it is not about how much money you can give but how it will reach the underprivileged and create impact. John also believes that everyone is endowed with talents, and they can get past how they view themselves if they are committed to giving what they have and receive help from others.

IOA foundation labors to help children from infancy to college. Schooling, wellbeing, social administrations, education, and mentorship are on the fundamental needs of the staff, and the Foundation is engaged with various beneficent undertakings in the Orlando territory. The Foundation likewise works with creature government assistance endeavors. Go Here for related Information.

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