Rachel Nichols, One Of The Best Sports Reporter In The World

Born and raised in the United States, Rachel Nichols is one of the leading journalist reporters in the world. She is fearless because many people find it hard how she copes with her work, especially in the male-dominated industry. She is also well known for hosting leading television programs and being an anchor who appeared in many television series like CNN, hosted The Jump, and an ESPN analyst and a reporter at the Washington Post.

Her interest, passion, and hard work towards sports made her gain recognition and be titled the best and the most prominent female journalist in the sports industry.

The Hollywood Reporter also named Rachel Nichols among the top reporters who held powerful voices in the sports media. In her recent interview, Rachel Nichols talked about her career and let the world know who she is.

Below are her responses to her interview

1.When asked about her interest in sports, Rachel Nichols said that her love for sports started when she was a small kid. She knew she could not get the chance of being an athlete or a female team executive at the time, so Rachel Nichols ended up wanting to know more about sports, and that’s why she choose her career.

2.When asked about the most remarkable interview that she has ever hosted, Rachel Nichols said that her first interview at 17 was her most memorable interview. She was able to interview LeBron James, one of the best sportspersons in history, and that was like a dream come true for her. Her following memorable interview was with Serena Williams, among other prominent athletes.

3.Rachel Nichols was also asked about how she deals with different types of people during her interviews and reports, and she said that she tries as much as possible to ask relevant questions to ensure a fair interview. In case of a misunderstanding, she often asks for a second interview to clarify the dispute.

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