Scott Dylan and the Creation of the Caribou Delivery Service

Caribou Parcel delivery is something that everyone enjoys the benefits of, but few consider it logistically. Sure, some companies seem to have the market cornered on such things, but as they grow, their services have changed into something that isn’t entirely focused on the consumer. This can be quite a discouraging experience, especially when options for other services are limited.

Caribou is a new parcel delivery service founded by Scott Dylan and others with like-minded goals for advancement in the delivery industry. The company seeks to fill in gaps that have been created by other parcel delivery companies and infuse a little bit more humanity back into the customer experience. While being new on the scene might be seen as a negative in some cases, this relatively fresh perspective has put Caribou in a position to challenge standard industry practice with a sole focus on the experience of the consumer.

Caribou offers a myriad of options when it comes to their freight, international, and domestic delivery services. Tracking is extremely important to the company as they want consumers to have peace of mind about their items. This is one of the reasons why they are introducing driver tracking that will allow drivers to display their relative location and provide customers with proof of delivery. This application allows for better streamlining of the process because drivers can scan their packages at the beginning of the day and generate the best route possible to optimize their delivery time. This optimization is given back to the consumer as they receive their packages in a more efficient timeframe.


The growing delivery company has proven that it has the will to grow and change with customer needs. They have proved themselves to be customer service oriented when it comes to their overall goals. Eventually, Caribou leadership hopes to get the company in a position where they can rival larger parcel delivery companies while maintaining the customer-focused attitude that seems to have abandoned their practices. So far, it appears as though they have been able to do exactly that and more as positive reviews roll in on their services.

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