The Business Successes of Caribou, Led by its Co-founder Scott Dylan

Caribou Caribou is a U.K.-based company offering services within the transport and logistics sector, using tracks and rails for providing transport services. Founded by Scott Dylan and Dave Antrobus, it operates as a private entity employing more than fifty employees, indicating its rapid growth since its establishment in 2018. Caribou’s niche of services includes global delivery of mails, collecting and delivering parcels, and other home delivery services, including parcels. The firm’s strategic positioning is organized to ensure its growth towards becoming a global logistics leader, setting the direction for other companies.

Its leaders, including Dave Antrobus, leverage the power of technology and innovation in improving service delivery and achieving company goals. For instance, Scott Dylan and other leaders are continuously establishes strategic collaborations with other firms to drive its strategic plan forward, like international mails and parcels. The presence of Dave Antrobus, a technology expert, is imperative to working towards this strategic direction.

Although Caribou has been in operation for hardly three years, it’s rapidly expanding, evidenced by the various business locations already running. Besides the headquarters, there are already two branches in Scotland, one in Motherwell and another in Glasgow. In Wales, Caribou’s top-level managers opened a branch in Cardiff. They have also diversified in other parts of the U.K., such as Manchester, Brighton, and Shrewsbury. This growth is a further vindication of the positive disruption that it is causing in Europe’s logistics, with its leaders hoping for more changes and improvements soon, particularly with their incorporation of technology.


Regardless of the branch, it presents a different style of doing business. For instance, in freight forwarding, it has already formed a sizeable effective network with other service providers, ensuring that any clearance services for goods are done in the most cost-effective manner possible, adding speed and efficiency that guarantee customers a different experience from other companies. Besides, Caribou provides warehousing services for clients, whether they are pursuing freight services or not. The storage facilities are also secured against any destruction or theft of property, using technology devices to ensure that goods enter and leave the facilities intact. At Caribou, any experience is a disruption to the typical way of business.

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