The Latest from Georgette Mulheir: Democracy in Haiti

As the Haitians are struggling to get back on their feet after the devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti, many celebrities have taken an interest in helping them. Georgette Mulheir is one of those celebrities who has put her heart and soul into supporting the Haitian people. The goal for this blog post is to bring awareness to her work while also raising money for a humanitarian organization she supports called Defend Haiti’s Democracy. Georgette Mulheir first became aware of the horrors going on in Haiti when she saw a picture of a young Haitian boy who was missing his leg and arm after he stepped on a landmine. 


Georgette Mulheir read about the people trying to make sure no more children will be injured or killed by mines and decided there was something she could do to help. Therefore, Defend Haiti’s Democracy is an organization dedicated to making sure the United States government doesn’t interfere with democracy in Haiti (Crunchbase).


They’re no strangers to hard work and have had great success in their efforts. They’re working closely with Haitian organizations promoting human rights, gender equality, sustainable economic development, environmental protection, self determination for Haitians, and disarmament of land mines. Georgette Mulheir had the opportunity to meet with Haitian women and listen to their stories. She was moved by what she heard and has devoted herself to helping these brave women find a voice in Haiti. Georgette is currently taking part in a campaign called Clothing for a Cause. Her hope is that others will get involved and help make this project a success. 

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