The Technological Transformation that Andrea Natale has Brought to the Health Industry

Dr. Natale AndreaEP Live is an interactive training session that runs for two days allowing electrophysiologist to sharpen their skills through the help of experienced trainers in Austin. Among the reputable experts that bless the workshop, they include Dr. Andrea Natale, who has scaled to the apex of his career. He studied at the University of Florence Medical and Surgery School, where he undertook a medicine course.

After acquiring his academic qualifications, he became part of the Italian Air Force. He was in charge of the Medicine department, serving as the leader of the Physiopathology section. His career journey saw him land at Cleveland Clinic to become the Chief of the Cardiac Pacing department. Other professional responsibilities at the institution included serving as the Medical Director. After working up to 2008, he left the company to join the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute.

Andrea Natale has made a household name in the US by holding executive positions in numerous leading institutions. They include SCRIPPS Hospital, where he is the Cardiac Electrophysiology director. He is also proud to work at the Los Robles Regional Medical Center. His engagement with such organizations has made him one of the most respected experts in the health industry.

Andrea Natale has spent much time researching to hone his skills in handling issues related to the heart. Patients suffering from atrial fibrillation have received overwhelming help from the expert. He has registered a significant breakthrough in innovation by engineering a vein ablation gadget. The system offers solutions to atrial fibrillation issues through circumferential ultrasound.

Natale’s creativity has given birth to a radio-frequency ablation approach, fit for patients whose conditions fail to respond to the other methods. By introducing a catheter ablation, he has been instrumental to the health sector. The number of patients in need of ablation that cannot find help from the usual methods has continued to rise. The catheter-based approach comes in handy for such victims, thanks to Natale’s ingenuity.

Patients from regions Andrea Natale has served over the years praise him for his love to help. His career has been beneficial to many who suffer from heart issues. He has achieved immensely from interacting with numerous patients and leading health institutions.