Why QNET is Not a Scam

QNET is an e-commerce company in Hong Kong with customers and distributors worldwide. Its distributors are called Independent Representatives (IRs) and mainly come from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia emerging markets. It plays a significant role by giving opportunities to direct selling. It also allows its customers to build a sales business by promoting their products and supporting anyone interested in starting a business by providing the necessary resources.

QNET always operates via a direct selling model and gets money from the sales. Sellers don’t have to invest in purchasing inventory but rather earn commission from their total sales. Sellers only refer customers with their referral ID to buy products of interest from the firm’s portal. QNET has virtual offices, where distributors monitor their crew and sales.

QNET scam rumors are becoming vibrant. First, a scam is any firm functioning through falsehood to steal money from people. They trick people into investing their money to reap high profits. However, they don’t operate for long as people learn their tricks and quit, leading to a sudden failure. The scammers mostly run away with the money leaving them broke.

QNET scam claim is a false allegation since it’s a legitimate firm that ensures the best services. It also teaches its distributors about selling principles. If they fail to abide by the rules, they are immediately removed from the team. There is no evidence to support these allegations.

Many people confuse QNET for a Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi (pyramid) scheme collects money from new investors and pays the old ones for bringing more people into the system. It doesn’t sell any product related to multi-level marketing or direct selling firms. How QNET conducts its business can’t be associated with this kind of scam. You have nothing to worry about while working with QNET. QNET SCAM is a lie.

Read here about Qnet: https://qnet-india.in/the-myth-of-qnet-scam/

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