Words of Wisdom from Ryan Bishti Concerning the Restaurant Industry

Just like everywhere, the London restaurant industry had a rough time since the beginning of the pandemic. Restaurants all around the city had to shut their doors, some of which were shut down permanently. However, some business owners in the hospitality industry were able to adapt and overcome. 


One of the businessmen who persevered during the pandemic was Ryan Bishti. He recently opened The Windmill Soho, adding to his long list of successful businesses in the hospitality industry. He has some advice for up-and-coming business owners and people who may be struggling since the beginning of the pandemic. 


Customer Safety Concerns Needs Addressed

Restaurant owners need to take steps to create confidence in their business. Customers are hesitant to go out to eat. It’s an unneeded expense to many because they have concerns for their own safety. This is why it’s more important than ever to accommodate the customers’ needs. 


Find the Right Staff

The restaurant industry is faced with a reduced workforce at the moment. This means you’ll have to dig a little harder to find the next perfect fit to your serving staff or kitchen crew. 


It’s also important to understand that your employees face the same fears as your customers concerning the pandemic. One of the main reasons people leave the hospitality industry is maltreatment by management. It’s important to focus on the employees’ needs just as much as the consumer, or you could find yourself out of willing employees. 


Shop Locally When Available

Ryan Bishti’s last piece of advice is to think smart when it comes to shipping. Business owners have and will see in the future a decrease in reliability from wholesalers. They are facing worker shortages and other shipping related roadblocks. It’s a good idea to consider purchasing from local farms when possible. They won’t have the same shipping issues and big wholesalers. 

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