Yves Mirabaud’s Work On Growing His Company

Due to the issues with COVID-19, outsiders think that the current financial results at the Mirabaud company have gotten worse because their private banking has become stagnant. However, Yves Mirabaud does not see this as a reason to give up.

Instead, Yves Mirabaud plans on keeping his company going. Yves Mirabaud seems to see this as a chance for financial growth, as he mentions an equity rate of 15 percent and sees it as a great way to increase marketing portfolios. For the most part, clients of Mirabaud don’t see this as an issue and see this change as a way to keep their portfolios stable. They also have no need to stress and lose sleep over watching their portfolios, which had happened with them previously.

The pandemic has also helped the Mirabaud Group grow net money in asset management and gain new employees and wealth management clients. Both the employees and clients alike were looking towards Switzerland to gain benefits and profit and Mirabaud seeing this took advantage of that and gathered them under their wing.

The private bankers had especially helped give Yves Mirabaud gain strength in the seven markets that they currently own. Thanks to this, Mirabaud was able to build up staff in the cities of Paris and Zurich. With the upgrades, Mirabaud is planning to do more transactions in the United States. Especially since they currently have about $1 billion dollars from their private equity funding.

Seeing their successful ventures during the pandemic, Mirabaud plans to continue to reinforce their offices in the Middle East, Latin America, Switzerland, and Europe. With this reinforcement, they will be gaining about 15 to 20 new client advisors for the year. However, they only want to keep it at that number as they don’t want to have a big team. especially since they believe that it will make advisors leave quickly. See related link to learn more.


Additional information about Yves can be found on https://www.handelszeitung.ch/management/yves-mirabaud


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