What does it mean?

This is a term we use to describe how we are currently experiencing what has come to be known as ‘the collapse,’ but with a purpose and focus on the alternative. We have come to believe that the collapse is a doorway and that the alternative is indeed ‘what’ lies beyond. At present, we are emerging into and exploring multiple new worlds as they appear as we progress along our new paths; in this sense, it is most appropriate that we are experiencing a period of potential confusion and disorientation, an abrasion of the old paradigm where the realities of a new world may materialize in different ways and from different auspices.

What does it mean for us?

For us, re-appraisal appears as a process of finding out what you are like. We may have made assumptions about who we are to be in this world, how we fit into the big picture, and the purpose for which we are here. Now that the big picture has changed, these assumptions also need to change, and we intend to make this as easy as possible.

From here on, our perspectives will expand and deepen as we continue with this reappraisal process. The ‘worlds’ that appear around us will become more diverse as they unfold into what they mean; this is a continual process of re-transformation where all move together toward solutions that are always ‘new’ but often appear familiar. What will this mean for our relationships?

This is going to be an exciting period. Relationships will evolve and change as we work together with individualistic and collectivist aspects of our being; this means that we may sometimes feel peculiar, unbalanced, or wrong-headed. Continue reading: https://www.wsj.com/market-data/quotes/uk/xlon/ABDN

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