Advanced Computing With DFINITY

DFINITYDFINITY is an American technology company founded by Dominic Williams in 2016. The experienced entrepreneur and developer had an idea that would change the way people engage in digital transactions, and he wanted the power of the concept to be in the hands of the people who would use it. The product of DFINITY was the DFINITY computer, which Williams now refers to as the Internet Computer. Understanding DFINITY’s mission, outlook and plans for the future could help investors, developers, students and others know what to expect in the world of cloud computing.

Mission and Vision of DFINITY

The mission of DFINITY is to reduce or totally eliminate reliance on central farms for servers. These server farms are attractive to hacking and prone to security breaches. When only a few server setups are processing transactions, the speed is slower. Putting the power in the hands of a few also risks reductions in creativity, advancement and forward thinking. DFINITY aims to spread the wealth of power by creating an internet that is in the hands of everyday users. It has partnered with thousands of people to create nodes all over the world, and it plans to add more nodes at a steady rate.

What DFINITY’s Internet Computer Is Doing Now

The Internet Computer hosts many apps, tools and platforms that are in the testing phase or have already launched. One of them is LinkedUp, and it presents itself as an open-source alternative to LinkedIn. People who want more privacy may turn to LinkedUp. Another tool is an authentication service for the verification of works of digital art. It can also be used to authenticate the origin of luxury goods.

Future Plans for the Internet Computer

Dfinity FoundationMr. Williams created the DFINITY Foundation. Its mission is to educate people about cloud computing and turn them into coders who can grow the open-source platform. By doing this, the Internet Computer will be able to host more apps and tools. People will be able to use the Internet Computer for more types of digital transactions, such as the trading of digital coins.

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