Alexander Guizzetti is an innovative Entrepreneur

Alexander Guizzetti has always been a lover of innovation and finding better ways of doing something. His recent venture is solid proof as he is creating an online platform from which fans can connect with their favorite celebrities and influencers.

Direct message. me as the platform will be known as is a dream come true to very many fans who will now have an opportunity to know their celebrities much better. However, that is not the only innovation that sets the serial entrepreneur above the board.

The new president of a privately-held venture capital enterprise known as 9d Ventures provides capital to businesses with excellent growth potential.

Humble Beginnings

Alexander Guizzetti is a Milwaukee native as he was born in Michigan, and he, later on, moved to Milwaukee, where he grew up. Later on, he attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he graduated with a degree in business management, real estate, and economics.

At the university, his entrepreneurial interest began with him, and that motivated him to do an entrepreneurial certificate program.

Alexander Guizzetti immediately put his expertise to work and joined The Vanguard Group. It was a move that had him relocate to Arizona and studied for the FINRA Series and Series 63 exams and passed very highly.

Tips to take Home

Making Lists

Alexander Guizzetti is a big advocate for lists. He believes that once something is written down, it is easily achievable. He says that there is nothing as satisfying as that feeling one gets when they cross a to-do item on their lists.

Being a great advocate for lists, he makes his mission to have a list for everything. For instance, he starts his day by making a list of what to do for that day, and he also ensures that he makes separate ones for his projects.

Being on your toes at all times

Alexander Guizzetti always ensures to have his phone to write his ideas as they come to him. Having these ideas written down makes it easier to revisit them and evaluate them before implementing them.

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