Application of Artificial Intelligence by Eric Lefkofsky

Tempus, which Eric Lefkofsky and Lightbank’s CEO created, is focused on improving the quality of medical care through artificial intelligence. The lack of diagnostic testing during the Covid-19 outbreak highlighted how unprepared the healthcare system is for the future. Led by healthcare expert and angel investor Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus is a company that aims to improve the way healthcare is provided by making it easier to use. 


Through their tests, Eric Lefkofsky points out, Tempus aims to identify the molecular level of tumors and develop effective treatment plans for individual patients. Tempus’s labs in Atlanta and Chicago work with over a million samples annually to analyze them to develop new drugs and improve treatment options for cancer patients. Led by healthcare expert Eric Lefkofsky, the company’s whole exome genetic testing is part of a parallel effort to improve the treatment of mental health conditions like depression.


Through its AI-powered platform, Tempus developed a device that prevented strokes in 2014. AI-powered technology helps identify patients at high risk of suffering from atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter, which are two leading causes of stroke. Eric Lefkofsky explains that researchers trained a neural network to predict which patient would experience a stroke within 12 months for the study. With over 500 million patient records, GE Health is the world’s largest clinical and molecular data repository. 


The company uses this information to improve the efficiency of healthcare decisions. Under the leadership of Eric Lefkofsky, in January 2019, the company launched Tempus ONE. It features a handheld device that can access the company’s vast repository of clinical data, Eric Lefkofsky keeps on explaining. The company also launched the Lens platform, which provides scientists and researchers in the drug discovery and biotechnology sectors with on-demand access to over 35 petabytes of de-identified data sets.