Brandon Taubman The Data Specialist

When Brandon Taubman, the Chief Technology Officer and seasoned data analyst at Stablewood Properties was Assistant General Manager for Houston Astros, he used qualitative analysis and cutting-edge technologies, and data science to convert the team’s recruiting strategy. He has now joined Enterprise Radio. As a baseball operations manager and real estate investor, Brandon will highlight how data science impacts our daily lives.

Brandon Taubman is the Chief Data Officer of Stablewood Properties, an informed real estate investment firm that blends the knowledge of traditional real estate investment with unique data analytics and machine learning.

Having worked in financial services, sports analytics, and real estate, Brandon Taubman is an outstanding data analyst and economic engineer with 15 years of expertise. When he worked for the Houston Astros, he was the team’s Assistant General Manager in charge of data analysis. R&D and Scouting were Taubman’s primary responsibilities as an assistant GM with the Astros. Taubman had an impact on the roster and contractual decisions during trade discussions and arbitration hearings.

While continuing to work for Ernst & Young and Barclays Capital, Brandon learned the ropes of finance. They live with their daughter at Rancho Palos Verdes in the state of California.

Stablewood Properties Welcomes Brandon to the Team

Brandon planned to construct a name for himself in the commercial property (CRE) business after proving his success in finance and professional sports administration using applied analytics. Taubman chose Stablewood Properties as his new employer instead of more typical corporations and acquisition tactics. Houston-based Stablewood stands out for its combination of real estate know-how and cutting-edge analytics.

When it comes to portfolio management, Taubman can draw on a long history of data-driven decision-making and risk mitigation to deliver exceptional results. When it comes to technology, he’s in a unique position to challenge and handle all of the company’s systems. Stablewood distinguishes itself from other CRE firms by focusing more on this technique. Learn more information About Brandon Taubman

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