Build Confidence With BeachBody

ShakeologyCarl Daikeler wants people to feel more confident. He also wants them to reach their body’s full fitness potential. The founder of BeachBody, his career started in the 1980s. He was a producer of halftime shows for televised games of the NFL. In the 1990s, Daikeler shifted to the television marketing and infomercial industry. It was the infomercial industry that made him notice the proliferation of at-home exercise devices.

Daikeler believed he could make exercising and fitness easier for people with young families and busy schedules. Knowing that going to a gym can be a source of embarrassment and a hassle, he developed the BeachBody at-home workout system. It started as a series of videos, and Carl Daikeler was in many of them. People loved the workouts, so Daikeler added more options. Celebrity partners joined him and created a range of at-home fitness videos, including yoga, Pilates, weight training and more.

Carl Daikeler has ensured that his BeachBody program keeps up with the modern times and changing technology. The workouts have been on DVDs since 1998. He added an on-demand service in 2015. Subscribers can access all of the videos made to date. The program also includes an app, which was developed in 2018. Through the app, participants can choose a live workout session and get tips and support from the program’s coaches.

The most recent addition to Carl Daikeler’s BeachBody program is Shakeology. A person could exercise all day, but if their nutrition is poor, they won’t get fit. Daikeler noted early on in his career that a growing number of Americans turned to fast food. A fast food diet lacks fiber and vitamins, and it contains too much sugar, fat and calories. Shakeology is the solution to these nutritional problems.


Vegans can pick the plant-based protein powders. Those who eat animal products can pick the whey-based protein. The Shakeology powders are added to a plant-based or dairy-based milk to create a creamy, rich shake that satisfies the heartiest of appetites. Each shake contains 16 grams or more of protein. They also have high amounts of fiber, minerals and vitamins.


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