Chip Rosenbloom Writes Music for Billy Bronco Stage Play

Chip Rosenbloom was born Dale Rosenbloom on July 3, 1964, in Baltimore, MD. Rosebloom is an American filmmaker, who co-wrote the music for Bronco Billy with John Torres and Michele Brourman.

Chip Rosenbloom helped bring the film Bronco Billy to the stage. Bronco Billy, a 1980 screenplay and story was written by Dennis Hackin. Hacking wrote the novel version of Bronco Billy. Clint Eastwood directed and starred in Billy Bronco, about a owner of a traveling Wild West show. According to the storyline, the Wild West show was in debt for six months, and the employees weren’t paid for their work during that time.

Dennis Hackin reworked the screenplay to create the music stage version. Bronco Billy is an American sharpshooter, who is living his dream in the year 1979. Bronco Billy is a Native American, who is assisted by his wife and a banker. Bronco Billy’s show is almost 25 percent the size of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. The play is directed by Hunter Bird.

The subplot was about Bronco Billy, who returns from war. The play has a disco-era content and has clever film noir dialogue. Eric B. Anthony plays Billy Bronco in the musical stage production. There was a real-life disabled woman cast in the role of Doc. The disabled character was a veteran of the Viet Nam war. Disabled people are beginning to be represented in the theatre. The play made its debut at the Skylight Theatre in Los Angeles, Calif, in June 2019.

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