Desiree Perez’s Progression

Desiree Perez is reckoned as the CEO of Roc Nation. Together with Jay-z, she founded the multiservice entertainment agency back in 2009. Her parents are known to be Cuban immigrants. Her career started as a part-time nightclub manager, where she first booked Jay-Z, and their friendship began. The Billboard examined the year 2020 differently and chose to award advocacy efforts and movements. As an outcome, Desiree Perez, Jay Brown, and Jay-z Carter were voted to the Music Sector Category.

Desiree Perez at Roc Nation has concentrated on aspects such as brand-new business developments, management, philanthropy, touring, television film development, and music. She has become an appalling figure in the music industry. Her work at Roc Nation ensures that the organization values inclusion and diversity. Half of the company’s positions are filled with minority as team players. She has made the company run as a platform inevitable to change, which she claims only happens with courage, conviction, and commitment. Roc Nation is further complimented after partnering with NFL to raise awareness of racial and social justice issues.

Desiree Perez is an iconic figure who has teamed up with several programs such as Feeding America, Until freedom, and Gathering for Justice, taking it a notch higher in 2020; she resolved to fight for those who did not have a voice. As the leader of Team Roc, a philanthropic branch, it has assisted legal teams in high-profile litigation addressing racial concerns. It has aided since the pandemic has had a significant impact on issues of racial disparity and police violence.