DFINITY USA Has Big Plans for the Internet Computer

DFINITYWhile many people merely lament the monopolization of the internet, the folks at DFINITY USA have taken steps to actively solve the problem. The group’s big innovation is called the Internet Computer, a decentralized, blockchain-based network that could change how we interact online forever. There’s still a long way to go before this new technology has the popular base it needs to upend the digital landscape, but the technical excellence of the network gives it the potential for mainstream acceptance.

DFINITY’s Grand Ambition: A Decentralized Web

When companies like Amazon and Facebook control large portions of the web, individual users are denied the free, open exchanges they crave. DFINITY USA thinks its new network will give users the type of decentralized web they’ve always been after. The Internet Computer can host apps and platforms that are just as effective as today’s social networks, but these new open platforms won’t be run by a profit-seeking company. By sidelining greedy corporate interests, DFINITY hopes to create a kinder version of the web where power is distributed evenly.

The Internet Computer: An Exciting New Network

DFINITY USA is basing its ambitious agenda on an exciting new piece of technology: the Internet Computer. By combining the security of blockchain with the speed and scalability of the modern web, this remarkable network has what it takes to attract users and dramatically transform the web. With a simple new coding language giving the network its efficiency, the Internet Computer can provide the type of user experience that will convert skeptics and produce long-term fans.

Dfinity Foundation

LinkedUp: A Sample of What’s To Come

FDINITY’s entire plan is predicated on the Internet Computer’s ability to host functional, practical programs. The most recent version of the network already has one such program in the form of LinkedUp, a decentralized version of LinkedIn. Similar apps are likely to pop up soon, and users will surely appreciate the democratic ethos of the platforms. Eventually, the Internet Computer could host enough apps and attract enough users to displace the current commercialized version of the internet.

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