Dick DeVos Donates His Time, Experience And Money To Improve The Lifestyle In Grand Rapids

Dick DeVos has had an extraordinary impact on his community. He has been an advocate for what he believes in throughout his adult life. Fortunately for the people of Michigan, his mission is to improve lives one person at a time. Dick pushes back when he sees something is wrong, or can be done better whether it be in government policy decision-making, education or health care. He is a very successful businessman and implements his sound business judgment to help achieve better outcomes. Dick is a native and a current resident of Grand Rapids.


One such endeavor came to fruition when Dick DeVos campaigned about plans to develop a sports facility in his community. The plan for the facility was to build it outside of the city’s central business district. He and other local business owners formed Grand Action in Grand Rapids. The result was the subsequent development of the Van Andel Arena, DeVos Place Convention Center and DeVos’ Performance Hall. It is also the site of the Grand Rapids City Market and the medical school at MSU (Michigan State University), a renowned educational institution.


Betsy DeVos has been married to Dick for many years. She was a Republican Secretary of Education for the United States for three years. Dick DeVos joins her in their advocacy to promote charter schools and school choice to help increase educational opportunities for both the children of Michigan and the entire country. They have donated tens of millions of dollars to support the funding of community projects and many fine schools and hospitals in their home state of Michigan and beyond.

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