Dick DeVos Loves Giving Back

Giving back is one of those actions that can take many forms. It can mean working directly with others as well as helping with specifics such as funding a given project. For Dick DeVos, the process of giving back to his community has meant being there to help them. He has been involved in the world of Grand Rapid community efforts at improvement for many decades. This is why he continues on the path that he does. He knows that it is possible to make a direct difference in people’s lives. That is something that he takes pride in doing. He has stepped up to offer the kind of leadership and skills that have helped make Grand Rapids a destination worthy of tourist dollars. He has also helped Grand Rapids become a place where residents can start a family and begin their life plans on the right foot.


A Foundation


One of the many things that Dick DeVos has done for his community is to establish a foundation. This foundation is funded by his family’s fortune. Over a hundred million dollars has been devoted to this plan. That makes this foundation one that is very highly funded and allowed Dick DeVos to push forward a vision that he cares about. His work here has meant that many residents of Grand Rapids have access to the kind of resources they really need. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has taken the time to see what it is that residents of this community want when it comes to making changes in the area. Under his supervision, there are many projects of all kinds that have made this an area with lots of worthy development. It’s an action that he continues to take pride in accomplishing for his home town.


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