Diogo Corona is the CEO of TotalPass, a health solution company based in Brazil. The company aims to provide a balance between the physical and mental wellness of employees. This platform is under Bio Ritmo and Smart Fit, located in Mexico and Brazil, offering over 250 modalities in over 7,000 gyms across the states. Mental health services are provided through 400 mediation audios, and 5,000 psychologists are available for online consultations. Diogo Corona will be at the BCFW Congress in September on behalf of the platform. The event will have 60 other speakers, 300 exhibitors, and many investors present. Diogo Corona is one of the investors who will sponsor the event and teach people about their experience in branding. The platform belief is that integrated health is essential for maintaining a good quality of life at a personal or professional level. Diogo hopes the platform will expand its wings and bring more partners on board.

TotalPass is a corporate benefit for employees to work diligently in their workplaces. It collaborates with gyms to balance physical fitness and mental health. The launch of Total Mind provided a platform for people to have therapy and meditation sessions online and also have online consultations. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the need for therapy since employees were stressed out because of the long hours they had to be locked behind their doors in isolation.

The online therapy platform has made partnerships with Zen App, GymPass, and Psicologia Viva to reach a broader range of people. The great demand for therapy has significantly grown this platform. Now employees can select a monthly option that provides two to four online sessions. There have been immense benefits for companies that offer this service to employees, like reduced absenteeism in work submission and failure to come to work. It is now noted that employees are more excited about working.

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