How Mitto Uses Omnichannel Strategies to Improve Customer Experience

There has been a significant advancement in communication channels in the recent past, both good and bad. They enable organizations to have better ways of reaching out to their customers. However, improvements in communication channels have led to increased expectations from customers. While this is not bad, organizations have to use the new channels.

The highest percentage of customers move from one c

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ommunication platform to the other to find the best for their needs. That is why most companies use the omnichannel communication strategy for their brand’s success. Mitto AG hopes to change that. The ability to move interactions from one channel to another will provide customers with an exceptional experience.

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Why Use Omnichannel Communication for Better Customer Experience?
Customers face different experiences in their brand engagement path. Consumers use mobile devices to interact with organizations using different communication platforms and channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Shoppers can make purchases using different apps they download on their mobile devices.

Ilja Gorelik, Mitto’s COO, believes that the customers may experience lower satisfaction because of the discrepancy they get from different shopping experiences and the support they get from the sellers. While customers make similar purchases with the same kind of interactions every time, there may not be enough customer support from the sellers.

Most marketers and customer support managers do not have enough visibility into their interactions with customers. That affects the teams’ efficiency and delays the consumer’s journey. However, organizations using an omnichannel strategy can respond to customers in real-time or less than thirty minutes. The approach also increases workforce productivity using automation devices. Organizations use chatbots to respond to customer queries in real-time, which reduces the support team’s workload.

About Mitto AG

Mitto provides telecommunications solutions, which started operating as a partnership between Andrea Giacomini and Ilja Gorelik almost a decade ago. With technological advancement, the company found the need to provide organizations and their customers with omnichannel solutions for a better customer experience.

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