How PosiGen Makes Solar Energy Affordable

PosiGen presents homeowners opportunities to have solar power without it being costly. Many moderate income communities are saving money for the energy audits. These are conducted by PosiGen to ensure energy is not being leaked from their homes. The company identifies a home’s energy loss issues and makes improvements that will save the home’s energy. 


The audit will consist of several tests such as Blower Door Testing. The benefits of utilizing PosiGen are homeowners can lower energy cost and help the environment by being more energy efficient. PosiGen will make upgrades to the homes of its clients that will help homes become more energy efficient. The type of upgrades PosiGen will make would be weather stripping, replacing air filters or adding insulation to the home’s water heater (Bizneworleans). 


Homeowners are able to improve their home’s value by making the home more energy efficient. PosiGen is able to offer potential clients leasing or purchasing options for their solar panels. The leasing option offered by the solar power company makes solar panels affordable for some homes. There have been nearly 12,000 customers who chose the leasing option from PosiGen. The company provides homeowners the capability to control their energy costs. 

PosiGen is not like other companies because most companies target homes with high income; however, PosiGen finds their clients by considering the home’s energy consumption. In addition to the company’s capability to save families money and the potential client’s on the energy being consumed. Most clients are happy to learn that the use of PosiGen will mean their solar energy will not increase since the solar energy cost will be at a fixed cost.