Inc. Media Compiles a List of Hauser Insurance Equity Managers

For its third year, Inc., which is one of the most trusted media brands, announced the list of founder investors. By honoring some of the venture capital and private equity firms that have a good track record of success by backing mostly entrepreneurs, Hauser insurance, whose managing director is Mark Hauser, had nine of its fund managers noted in the list. The final list released by Inc. recognized that only entrepreneurs have the chance to collaborate and trust when receiving services like financial support that will help them accelerate growth. All these firms have a history of successful engagement that has been involved in different businesses, mostly after investment.

To compile this list of Hauser Private Equity managers, Inc. gathered information from a variety of sources, particularly entrepreneurs who had to sell their businesses to private equity. Founders were asked to fill out some different questionnaires with their experience of partnering with private equity and gave out some data on portfolio companies and their growth in partnership periods with the equities. Hauser insurance, partnered with Mark Hauser as its managing partner, this equity is one of the fund managers dealing with private equity and giving investment funds mostly in the low and middle markets.

The Hauser insurance Equity managers who were included in the list announced by Inc. include New Mainstream Capital, Clearlake Capital, North Castle Partners, Guardian Capital Partners, Revolution, Palladium Equity Partners, Shore Capital Partners, ZMC Zelnick Media Capital, and Revelstoke Capital Partners. Hauser Private Equity relies mostly on the operational experience of experts in this industry. As stated by Mark Hauser, most of the fund managers always focus on the importance of these experts in operations and value creation with the key leaders who are willing to focus on long-term partnerships and offer solutions that are flexible to growth. Hauser Private Equity has been investing with the Revelstoke on various deals.

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