Jason Hughes: Founder of Hughes Marino Company

Jason Hughes, the owner and executive officer of Hughes Marino. The successful CEO is a mentor and inspiration to many younger entrepreneurs interested in venturing into housing and tenant representation. Hughes started his career in the 1980s. The first company he worked for based in Los Angeles was Cushman & Wakefield. Jason Hughes was responsible for making lease and purchase negotiations for municipal tenants, non-profitable organizations, and corporate institutions. His three decades of experience in offering these services have made him a hot cake in project management, lease representation, and tenant representation.


Jason Rises To Prosperity


The Hughes Family is famous and popular for its significant role in the commercial tenant representation sector. Jason Hughes with his wife, Shay Hughes, have been in this field for over two decades. Their firm, headquartered in San Diego, is celebrating glory after glory and has managed to heighten outshining other housing companies. Several factors contribute to the success of Jason Hughes in his endeavors: he is committed, disciplined, and focused on ensuring that clients get top-notch services. Also, he values his customers, handles them with the utmost respect they deserve, and creates time to interact with them.


Jason Hughes and the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill


He is among the entrepreneurs chosen to enact the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill, put into law in August 2014. The law was designed to transform and positively impact the housing and tenant representation sector by ensuring there is transparency and fairness between landlords and tenants.


In addition, they assure that there aren’t any issues arising without delay. Business mentor Jason Hughes is an alumnus of Pepperdine University. Here, he earned his Master of Business Administration. Finally, Jason Hughes also earned knowledge in real estate business administration from the University of San Diego.

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