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BeachbodyAs an entrepreneur, businessman and advocate for self-esteem, Carl Daikeler wants everyone to feel, look and be their best. In the early days of his career, he was a producer of halftime shows with the National Football League. In 1990, he made a turn to the infomercial industry. During his eight-year tenure, he sold millions of health and fitness products and learned the art and science of telling a story.

While in the infomercial industry, Daikeler made observations about the people in his community, and he also started to take a look at data. He both observed and read about the growing proportion of overweight and obese Americans. He noticed the rapid growth of fast food establishments and how junk food overtook the aisles at the grocery stores. He also noted that a lot of people had nutritional gaps in their diets, even though they took in plenty of calories, fat and sodium.

To help people get fit and reach their self-confidence, weight loss and strength goals, Carl Daikeler launched Beachbody in 1998. The first iteration of the Beachbody program consisted of 12 DVDs. A person could get an intense workout, and they could do it at home. There was no need for an investment in fancy devices or equipment. People loved that they didn’t have to find a babysitter, pay for a pricey gym membership or deal with the stares of others in the locker room or the main area of the gym.


Demand for more workouts grew, and Daikeler obliged his fans. He starred in and produced new workouts every month for more than 10 years. The addition of Beachbody on Demand in 2015 and the OpenFit coaching, socializing and tracking app further cemented the Beachbody lifestyle as a convenient and effective way to lose weight.

Daikeler didn’t forget about the food part of fitness. His 2009 launch of Shakeology is a testament to that. Shakeology is a protein powder that a person can blend into a milk, such as almond or dairy milk. It’s filled with protein, fiber and vitamins and makes a tasty and satisfying shake.


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