Laura McQuade Interview on Jezebel

 Laura McQuade Interview on Jezebel

Laura Mcquade always seemed to be against the ideology of the employees at PPGNY’s. In a specific staff meeting, she suggested the administration of Pre- Exposure Prophylaxis medication. However, later to Adams realization, this was to make the affiliate clinic a leader in PrEP in women of colour. Laura McQuade had less concern about the patients’ health and made a name for the company.

Laura McQuade also made it hard for students in schools where most black and brown kids went. It was by not encouraging an initiative to encourage the students to use long-term contraceptives like IUDs. Adams was against this move, saying the students needed control because they were hypersexual. Due to the many concerns, the organization had to involve a law firm to assess the accusations. Her actions as a manager started alarming employees. In addition, she laid off the staff at the call centre and brought outsiders to work in the company.

Furthermore, her initiatives seemed to be admonishing the Latinx and Black employees. In town meetings and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the concerns got raised from time to time. Closing Bronx and Queens Clinics were not received well by the Black and Latinx community during a pandemic. The problems further claimed that Laura McQuade created an environment of fear and intimidation. The workers are more optimistic, hoping things will improve with the expulsion. However, it will a tall order to win the fight with the employees, citing white supremacy dominating the work environment.

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