Life Well Spent at Gordonstoun School by Prince Philip

Gordonstoun is a renowned public boarding school in the United Kingdom. It has a unique learning system that incorporates all academic work as well as nurturing talents.

The students have a conducive environment that helps them become better versions of themselves.

The teachers work closely with the learners helping them understand what they want to be in the future. Among the people who have gone through this system is Prince Philip the Late.

Early Life

This alumnus spent his early life in Gordonstoun school, where he learned how to sail and serve. According to Principal Lisa Kerr, this individual was passionate about the outdoor activities thus spent most of this time at sea.

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He also discovered how to serve others and associate well with other people. The principal also shared that this student was keen, and despite being naughty at times, he knew what he wanted with his life. After graduating as a student, Prince Philip became a parent and grandparent.

When remembering the life spent by Prince Philip, there were many views on how he spent his life at Gordonstoun School.

As a parent, the school team shared that the Prince attended dram festivals for Prince Andrew, motivating him to continue pursuing his dreams.

He was a role model to many parents. Gordonstoun students took one of the training boats during the burial, and after raising the coat of arms, they gave the last respects.

Insight on Prince Philip`s Education

The school management explained that it was the right thing to do, setting the tribute to remember one of their students.

The tribute showed the love Prince Philip had for Hopeman Harbor and Gordonstoun School. The duke received the last respects from students across the United Kingdom.

Despite the limitations of the ongoing pandemic, people are now at peace as the school gave them a rare opportunity to say their goodbyes.

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