Macrina Kgil: CFO of Blockchain

Macrina Kgil is the recently appointed Chief Financial Officer, or CFO, of Blockchain, an industry that specializes in retail and is one of the oldest companies known for providing crypto products. Macrina Kgil has an extensive history in finance and IPO that will be a contributing factor in her future role at Blockchain. The company’s CEO, Peter Smith, expresses his confidence in Macrina Kgil, stating with certainty that Kgil will be a very significant part of the company’s future growth and development. Macrina Kgil has assisted Blockchain in deciding which assets to pursue and which ones to dispose of.

Before she began working for Blockchain, Macrina Kgil held another CFO position with OneMain Holdings, formerly known as Springleaf Holdings. She then utilized her experience to grow and build her own finance team and support the establishment of over one hundred entities with a $1.5 fund at GPB Capitol Buildings. She also held a role as auditor and transaction advisor for Fortress, the first-ever public industry in asset management and more

Kgil also states that she is proud to work with Blockchain, and plans to continue building plans for the company’s success in making futures brighter for billions of people around the world.