Michael Capiraso and Virtual Races Around New York

Michael Capiraso’s name is infamous in the sports and entertainment industry. He is a visionary whose results, concentration and all encompassing group building have conveyed immense growth across sports, and customer brands.

As CEO and President at NYRR, Michael has almost doubled the association’s yearly income and he set up partnerships with brands like New Balance, TCS, and Trust for Public Land.

Now after a over a year of lockdowns due to the Coronavirus Michael Capiraso is giving runners guidelines on virtual races and safe practices to help ensure the running community stays connected during these uncertain times. Learn more

Generally, a virtual race is equivalent to competing a normal race, however as opposed to running with a horde of individuals and observers watching, you will be finishing the run distance in your own area and sending in results to compare against others.

Beginning virtual races is fairly straightforward. To begin, simply decide which race you want to take part in either through a speedy web search or through a runner’s forum. Download all the details, then run your virtual race and send your times.

Always remember to practice 6 feet social distancing as it is recommended by the CDC. Honestly, the distance for sprinters ought to be greater simply because when you are naturally breathing heavier. Wear a make in the event that you run into others and remember to go easy on yourself.

Capiraso is pleased with New York Road Runners’ connecting athletes virtually through various programs and resources. He encourages all people to stay passionate and stick with it. He advises that runners focus on minuets rather than miles to set a better pace for themselves. “I’ve been advocating just to give yourself a break and back off a little bit,” he says. “It’s OK. We’ll run another day.” Connect: https://www.instagram.com/mcapiraso/?hl=en

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